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This web application is meant to provide a convenient way to store Job Search Logs as required by Washington State unemployment guidelines to receive unemployment benefits. Logs are created using a convenient web form and stored in a database. You no longer need to store your logs on just one device, or worse, maintain paper logs.

While reasonable efforts are made to maintain user data and make it available at all times, this is a free service with no warranty expressed or implied. Use at your own risk.

The backend of this application is written in C# using the new Asp.net core framework. The frontend is Bootstrap driven by Knockout using html templates with models written in Typescript.


My name is Ed Blake, and I am writing this application while unemployed myself. At the time of writing (Jun 21, 2016) I am actively looking for my first job as a software developer. I have a lot of experience with the Python language, but my current preferred language is Clojure. This is my first large application in C#.

You can read about the development of this application, and other programming topics, at my blog Superfluous Comments.


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